Lolea #4 Sangria

ABV 8.0%
Product description

A delicious variety of Lolea, with 100% spicy and fruity Grenache grapes reminiscent of red fruits, in combination with natural lemon juice and a hint, of cardamom, without losing that fizzy touch. It’s great for demanding palates and perfect for making cocktails! A sangria that isn't ashamed of its wine origins; on the contrary, it sings its praises. The hint of citrus and spice in combination with the carbonization respect the flavor of the fruit and structure of the Garnacha, rounding it out with complexity without hiding its essence. A healthy, noble drink – much more than an aperitif. For drinking in good company with intelligent conversation and delicious seasonal food from local producers. It is a surprisingly good base for cocktails made with fruity wine.

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