818 Blanco Tequila

CATEGORY Silver / Blanco Tequila
ABV 40%
Product description

All Handcrafted And Small Batch Tequilas, The Agave Are Handpicked From The Lowlands And Highlands Of Jalisco. The Distiller’s Registration Number Suggests 818 Tequilas Are Distilled At La Cofradia Distillery, Famed For Its Wide Range Of Award-Winning Tequila Brands. Known As The Purest Expression Of The Agave Spirit, Blanco Tequilas Are Aged For Up To 2 Months Or Not At All. 818 Blanco Tequila Is An Unaged Tequila, Handcrafted From 100% Blue Weber Agave. A Smooth Premium Tequila, It Boasts A Clean And Balanced Palate With Flavors Of Sweet Fruit And A Touch Of Pepper. Bottled At 80 Proof, It’s Perfect For Sipping Neat And Versatile Enough To Elevate Any Cocktail.