Rossville Union Master Rye

REGION United States
ABV 47.0%
Product description

AGED FOR 5 AND 6 YEARS, ROSSVILLE UNION'S MASTER CRAFTED STRAIGHT RYE WHISKEY DELIVERS A SMOOTH, SLIGHTLY SMOKY TASTE—AND A ROBUST, SPICY FINISH WITH A HINT OF CHERRY. The Rossville Union line of Rye Whiskies is named after the original distillery in Lawrenceburg. Rossville Union Mater Crafted Straight Rye Whiskey is the first release, created from just 159 barrels of two core mash bills from the MGP line-up. The first is 95% rye and 5% malted barley to deliver a nice Rye kick. The second is a 51% rye, 45% corn, and 4% malted barley to provide a balance of sweetness. The blend is well-balanced, aged five to seven years in new oak, and bottled at a very nice 47% ABV.

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