Effen Vodka

REGION Netherlands
ABV 40.0%
Product description

Get ready for some competition, Diddy. Just like the big rap mogul, 50 Cent is now endorsing a premium vodka brand. The rapper, whose actual name is Curtis Jackson, has completely fallen for Effen Vodka. And this vodka is absolutely worth it! For this unbelievably delicious vodka, the brand counts on Northern Holland wheat, which gives the perfect starch basis for the drink. A mixture of this exact same wheat and fresh spring water is continuously distilled and refined in big stainless steel columns. The process takes place at a lower temperature in order to prevent the caramelisation of the sugar in the alcohol. Afterwards, the distillate is filtered through active carbon. Finally, Effen Vodka is filled into elegant bottles, which are each equipped with a polymer sleeve that is supposed to isolate the vodka's coolness and make the serving and mixing process easier!

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