1800 Reposado

CATEGORY Flavored Tequila
ABV 40.0%
Product description

History and experience; over 200 years that give rise to the oldest annex. 1800 ® is the result of the sowing and cultivation of the best blue agaves; resulting in the most award-winning tequila in history. The name "1800" refers to the year in which for the first time a tequila was attached in oak barrels. 1800 ® celebrates this important date, the moment when the tequila decided to free itself from the conventional by innovating towards a more round and firmer liquid. With a double distillation, tequila 1800 ® is made up of 100% blue agave "Weber" from the region of the highlands of Jalisco. With its iconic Mayan pyramids-inspired bottle, this super premium tequila brings a new approach to the category!

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