Dewar's White Label

CATEGORY Scotch Whisky
REGION Scotland
ABV 40.0%
Product description

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Dewar's White Label was originally conceived over 40 years ago as a result of the careful and artful blending of nearly 40 different whiskies of the finest quality, both single malt and grain spirits, with Aberfeldy as the main addition. Aged for at least five years in oak casks, this blended scotch was created to endure over the years and always maintain the same formula. Balanced and undoubtedly smooth on the palate, this spirit is definitely one of the finest blended whiskies ever produced. The mild and sweet taste has made it a favourite choice among connoisseurs when a long, neat sip is preferred, especially if served with a couple of ice cubes after a large meal, in the company of a perfectly good cigar.

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